LabkoNet has been upgraded

The new LabkoNet user interface now published!

When the fourth version of the service was designed, special attention was paid to usability on different types of terminal devices – the new LabkoNet user interface now easily adapts to computer, tablet and smart phone display alike. In response to the feedback received from users, the new version now includes a map view of the assets and an equipment and maintenance register, among other things. The trending and reporting features have also been upgraded.

The earlier and the new version of the LabkoNet user interface are concurrently available for the time being. Both versions use the same back-end system, so acknowledged alarms, for example, are shown the same way in both user interfaces irrespective of the version used for acknowledging the alarm.

Any feedback received from the users is highly important for us. The feedback allows us to target our development efforts to the matters which the users consider to be important so as to make the LabkoNet service even more user-friendly. The top section of the new user interface now contains a link for submitting feedback.