New LabkoNet 4 has been introduced


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If needed you can still log in to old LabkoNet 3

LabkoNet® processes measurement data for your use

Are there any leaks in your network?

The LabkoNet system makes the monitoring of storage tanks and networks easy. The LabkoNet monitoring system transmits the information anywhere you need it, any time of the day.

Simple, affordable and easy to expand, the system is already serving hundreds of customers throughout Europe. LabkoNet can be used with a standard Internet browser; no proprietary software or application needs to be installed on your computer or smart phone.


Are your remote stocks difficult to monitor?

What would make the planning of deliveries and transports easier?

LabkoNet allows you to optimise your deliveries and inventory levels. LabkoNet can also be used for monitoring district heating, clean water and wastewater networks. The system allows you to quickly pinpoint any abnormalities in the operation of the network so that you can address them immediately.

Through LabkoNet, you can also manage the access control of loading and unloading locations, including automatic vehicle identification and CCTV surveillance.

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