LabkoNet makes sure that you do not run out of fuel and that alarm data is immediately transmitted to where they are needed. Flexible and intuitive system provides costs savings for your company.

No licenses or proprietary software are required for using LabkoNet. All you need is an Internet connection, a communication unit and reliable measurements at your stock or tank locations.

By downloading the system to your mobile terminal, you will be able to access LabkoNet anywhere, at any time. Data transmission in the LabkoNet system is constantly monitored. The system is SSL encrypted and automatically alerts the users of any connection failures.

LabkoNet adapts to the customer’s unique needs. New users and mobile phone numbers for sending alarms can be freely added and removed. The appearance of the system can also be tailored to the customer’s specific needs.


  • Inventory level readings
  • Service station tanks
  • Waste compactors
  • Pumping station alarms
  • Oil separator alarms
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